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Founded in 2019, Springs Forked Tongue is a home-based business that strives to bring quality cold-blooded pets and pet knowledge to reptiles lovers. We expand our boundaries as the largest breeding facility with an energetic, youthful, dedicated management team and a full-time staff of animal care technicians.

In addition to Corn Snakes and King Snakes, we also breed Bearded Dragons, Leopard Gecko, Milk Snakes, Crested Gecko, Ball Pythons, Boas, and many other species. After hatching, all the species’ offspring are raised long enough to gain strength, weight, and size. This ensures the quality and safety of each animal.

We breed a large percentage of our animals. We welcome customers and visitors to come over to our place or bring their kids and let them take pictures with all the breeds, free of cost and without any pressure to buy. We also offer a complete payment plan for our customers that makes it easier to purchase their favorite breed without burning a hole in your pocket.

Keeping healthy, happy animals that produce the best offspring is one of our highest priorities, but we also excel in customer service, and our staff is well trained, friendly, and caring.

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Best Seller

Check out our bestselling species raised on premium-quality feed,
now available at the most affordable prices.

Breaded Species

Springs Forked Tongue deals in a wide range of reptiles and invertebrates species, breaded with premium quality feed and trained under highly-controlled supervision. All the animals we use in our visits are venom-free and handled by the professional experts of our team. Our goal is to offer you excellent quality, outstanding customer service, and a wide selection of exotic reptile pets and reptile supplies.

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Featured Products

Get your hands on Ball Pythons, Boa Constrictors, Frogs, Geckos, Turtles, Bearded Dragons,
and many other species at jaw-dropping prices.


Springs Forked Tongue reptile store has everything you need for your cold-blooded companion. Our reptile supplies are made to ensure that any animals that crawl, climb, creep, leap, or slither will live a healthy, happy life at home with you. Our reptile store has the supplies and accessories you need to take care of your reptile pet, including care and habitat supplies for bearded dragons, bouncing toads, ball pythons, and burrowing turtles.

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Springs Forked Tongue
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Amber MckinneyAmber Mckinney
15:08 30 May 23
This is such a great business the owners were very professional and gave us a great deal on our snake and snake rack combo! All of the animals there were in immaculate and prefect health and super docile. The snake rack we purchased works perfectly and came with a thermostat and the tubs most other places make you buy them separately. I adore the customization and the quality is great not to mention the low unbeatable prices! What made it even better is they accepted Afterpay which allowed me to get everything I needed all at once. I will definitely be doing business with them again in the future! One of the best experiences I have ever had!
hannah browerhannah brower
02:50 21 May 23
Got my baby MaryJane (sand boa) from here. She’s absolutely wonderful. Super sweet as well. The people who work here are super knowledgeable, understanding and have AMAZING care for their reptiles. They work with their customers on pricing as well (their pricing is GREAT). They have a variety of healthy breeds of snakes, other reptiles, enclosures and decor. They sell foods for the snakes and reptiles as well. Amy is an absolute sweetheart, she’s like a mom to us when we come in. Absolutely and ACCEPTING, amazing establishment. I will be moving to Pueblo this next week, I will still plan on come here for my snakes food. Much love 🫶🏼
Zach HallZach Hall
04:38 06 Feb 23
Only reptile store you should go! Hands down the best reptile store in Colorado! Nuno and Amy are simply amazing. They are very knowledgeable and treat you like family. They have some amazing animals and their prices can’t be beat. I’m so glad I got to meet them!
Kim PierringerKim Pierringer
18:01 27 Jan 23
They showed up so many beautiful reptiles. We just enjoyed Amy & Nuno so much. They have the greatest personalities and are so knowledgeable and kind. Between my daughters, my son, and I, we left with 4 snakes and a monitor. It’s a great store with awesome reptiles. They even shipped us our 2 snakes and the monitor and they’re all doing great. We live in Wisconsin. Great people and store! I can’t wait to go see them again!
Jimmy FerreiraJimmy Ferreira
19:00 21 Jan 23
Very knowledgeable and friendly, I have bought 4 lizards, 3 frogs, and 3 snakes from him and multiple supplies. Military friendly, very good deals, very very healthy animals. Support your local breeders and pet stores because Spring forked tongue exotics puts alot of effort and time into his work and time into his animals and builds, animals, and costumers and it shows in quality and healthiness. 10/10 recommended. Great prices, great deals, great work, and fantastic animals
Kelly MorrisKelly Morris
04:24 21 Jan 23
I purchased a Pied Orange Dream Ball Python. He is used to being handled and healthy. The shop has everything I needed and was willing to change things up on the fly to accommodate my situation.
Ema VolfEma Volf
22:47 05 Nov 22
They have competitive pricing and a huge selection of pets, feeders, and accessories. If you need a custom cage, they can build it for a decent price.Though the thing that stands out most is the customer service. I enjoy talking with both of them. They’re knowledgeable and helpful. They’re extremely friendly and welcoming. They take their time with each customer. I’ve never been rushed by more than my own schedule.My very first visit happened to be near Mother’s Day, and he presented the mothers who stopped by with a rose. I happened to be super pregnant at the time, and it really made my day. We might have only stopped for feeders that time, but that small gesture brought us back when we needed a new pet. It’s always the extra step for their customers that really makes me appreciate them. You don’t feel like JUST a customer here.